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Sushi Monster is a pop-rock band that started when Armin and Jasper of 
Run Kareen Run decided to form a full band sometime in June 2009. 
Armin plays the guitar and Jasper is on drums. 
Kareen, the vocalist of Run Kareen Run, 
eventually left Sushi Monster due to differences in their musical preferences. 
Kaydee replaced her as the vocalist of the band. 
The name Sushi Monster can be attributed to Kaydee.

By July of 2009, 
Ecko joined Sushi Monster to play bass. 
Before July ended, however, 
Bryan joined the band and replaced Ecko on bass. 
Ecko went on to play the guitar, together with Armin. 

Echo left Sushi Monster 
in August to concentrate on his studies. 
He was eventually replaced by Nick.

Kaydee, Armin, Bry, Nick and Jasper went on and played at gigs as Sushi Monster. 
They frequented Blue Koko Bar in Las Piñas and Checkpoint Bar in Bicutan.

By November, Nick decided to leave the band due to other priorities. 
The group decided to keep the 4-piece band with Kayde on vocals, 
Armin on guitars, Bryan on bass and Jasper on drums.

Bryan decided to leave the band by summer of 2010. 
In that same period however, 
Sushi Monster welcomed its two newest members, 
Dek on guitar and Em on bass.

To date, 
Sushi Monster is composed of 

Kaydee on vocals, 
Armin and Dek on guitars, 
Em on bass 
Jasper on drums.

We continue to be passionate about our music and seek to entertain the crowd every time we perform on stage.

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